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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 21, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm john berman. it's subday, november 21st. this morning, how bad will it be? pat-downs and threats of protests as millions head to our nation's airports for thanksgiving week. will there be chaos at the security gates? we'll tell you what you can really expect. north korean nukes. the united states is scrambling this morning after the communist nation showed an american scientist a huge and until now secret facility built to enrich uranium. are they closer to having nuclear weapons? palin palooza. book tour, reality show, "dancing with the stars." love them or hate them, you're going to see a whole lot of the palins this week, and we'll tell you what former barbara bush has to say about sarah. and one-way game.
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it's the football game played on a baseball field that flipped the game upside down. how can two teams score by running in the same direction? john, you're a sports fan. is that a pretty rare sight we saw yesterday? >> i've never seen anything like it. it was amazing. >> we'll have more video that have coming up. john, thank you for joining us again. you're in for a vacationing dan harris as we move into the big week leading up to thanksgiving. >> that's right. you know, dan getting much needed rest before the stress of the holiday. you know, it's just the beginning between now and new year's. two heavy hitters are here. dr. phil and suze orman with great advice on how to get through the holiday with your sanity and checkbook intact. do you remember what presents you got from the holidays? how you answer should help you determine how much money you spend this year. >> you know, i don't think i remember everything i got. that's a good point. also, you've seen and we've
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had the pleasure of tasting food from our final four in the latest best bites challenge to find the finest college hangout anywhere. which one won? the sub stuffed with steak and cheese, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks and french fries take the top prize? tens of thousands of you voted, and we'll reveal the winner coming up. more passenger meltdowns over airport pat-downs and calls for changes in the new screening system, and now president obama has spoken about the controversy for the first time. >> and i understand people's frustrations, and what i've said to the tsa is that you have to constantly refine and measure whether what we're doing is the only way to assure the american people's safety, and you also have to think through are there ways of doing it that are less intrusive? so just how bad will these new security procedures make things at the
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airport? jeremy hubbard has a reality check from laguardia airport this morning. good morning, jeremy. >> reporter: good morning, john. there's been so much hysteria over this new security. passengers are probably feeling more fearful than festive headed into the busy holiday travel week. despite what you've been reading and seeing, the realities for most of us, this new security won't even be much of an issue. the unease is easy to understand from the scanners that perform a virtual strip search to the pat-downs that leave passengers feeling defiled, but this morning a reality check. >> the majority of us are not going to experience that over thanksgiving weekend. >> reporter: it's simple math. there are 385 of the new full body scanners at airports across the country, but there are 2,100 total security lanes. that means more than 80% of security lanes won't have the machines or the intrusive pat-downs. >> most who go through, business as usual. the metal detector that we've all become used to, taking off the shoes, pouring our liquids into the tiny little containers.
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business as usual for the vast majority of people. >> reporter: hoping to clear up confusion and calm nerves over those pat-down, the head of the tsa released a video message to airports and airlines spelling out options. >> you have the option to request the pat-down be conducted in a private room and you have the option to have that pat-down witnessed by a person of your choice. >> reporter: there is concern security may be slowed this week by that growing grassroots internet movement encouraging travelers to opt out of full body scans wednesday, one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> together we can replace this government security theater with real security that doesn't trample our dignity, our rights or our health. >> reporter: thousands on facebook have now vowed to opt out. this man wrote "we are not the terrorists, so why are we being terrorized?" some are even selling t-shirts to rally support for their cause but in the end many travel analysts doubt the fervor will have much of an effect.
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>> it's unlikely that the average traveler is going to choose to delay themselves getting through security. the truth is, most travelers just want to get to their destination as fast as possible. >> reporter: still it could be part of a perfect storm at the airport this week. you've got the new security measures. you've got those potential passenger protests, and you have a million more people flying this thanksgiving versus last thanksgiving, so travel analysts say if you don't get to the airport at least 90 minutes before your flight this time, you really could miss your flight. bianna? >> all right, jeremy, thank you. and joining us now from orlando, florida, is the incoming transportation committee chairman, congress maman john mica, a vocal critic of the tsa. congressman, thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> you were one of the authors of the original tsa bill. back then you did support the use of full body scanners. has your opinion changed on that? >> absolutely not, but it's the way you utilize them. they shouldn't be used for primary screening. they should be limited and targeted to people who pose a ri risk, a threat, set off an alarm
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or are on a watch list, not the way it's been implemented. >> and how do you determine who would be seen as a threat? a lot of people would view this as stereotyping and profiling. >> well, the first thing is if they set off an alarm. the second thing is we have behavior officers. we set this program up to try to model the israeli model after we had the chechen bombers. so those officers can determine by behavior who needs extra screening, and then finally we have a watch list which we've had trouble implementing, but if that's done, it can be done right and not inconvenience millions of passengers. we've got to get it right. >> and you mention the israeli model, but when you look at the country of israel, how small it is compared to the u.s., can you really have people there guarding against so many more travelers? >> well, you take the best, you know. i looked at -- when we set this up, we took a model of
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public/private partnerships, and we have that too. and then we took the all federal. we looked at some of the european models, particularly uk which has faced some pretty serious threats, but the thing we've got to do is -- and i was glad to hear the president come out and speak on this. we've got to refine this and get this right. you know, these folks are still after us, and they haven't given up, and they shift from one mode to another. the diaper bomber. now you see them trying to blow up a cargo carrier over our cities. so we've got to stay one step ahead of them, and when we implement things like the pat-down or these advanced imaging screening, it's got to be done right. it wasn't done right this way, but we'll get it right. >> and, congressman, you've been reaching out to many heads of airports across the country urging them to opt for private sector companies to come in and replace the tsa. how would that be any different, especially if they still have to follow tsa guidelines and protocols? >> well, again, this is important. when we set the model up, i had
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both all federal, and then we had five initial airports with federal supervision but private screening. that model has worked very well, and i think it needs to be replicated because tsa has grown to a bureaucracy of 67,000 people. i have 3,590 administrative personnel just in washington, d.c., making over $105,000 on average a person. i never intended it, and congress, i don't think, wants it that way, and the american taxpayer can't afford that. >> quickly, do you think that we're making a mountain out of a mole hill here given that as we heard in jeremy's piece, 80% of passengers won't even have to go through these screenings? >> yeah, well, i think people have to be cooperative. they've had to put up with having their nail clippers and their scissors confiscated. they had to put up with a rule to sit down
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for 30 minutes. people, you know, wet their pants, and now people are getting their pants groped, but we've got to get this right. our security and our aviation industry depends, which is so important to our economy, depends on getting it right. we just need to refine it as i heard the president say. >> all right, congressman mica, it's going to be a very busy week at the nation's airports. thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> john? turning overseas. american diplomats are making an urgent trip to south korea, china and japan after north korea showed a visiting american scientist a brand-new uranium enrichment facility. the scientist says he was stunned both by the sophistication of the new facility and the speed with which it was built. experts say this strongly suggests they had foreign help in building it in defiance of u.n. sanctions. such a plant does have the technology to build nuclear weapons. joining me now from washington is christiane amanpour, host of "this week" to talk about this. christiane, north korea, how concerned do you get? do you get a sense of how concerned u.s. officials are about this right now? >> well, i think very because, as you said, they've dispatched
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their team led by stephen bosworth, their point man, to the region. questions need to be asked about how intelligence failed to recognize that and failed to pick it up if, indeed, it did. it seems to be an american scientist who was invited there and shown it deliberately who came back and told the white house about it. and, of course, it remains to be seen how the united states and the rest of the world can put pressure on north korea to stop its nuclear activities given that the toughest raft of sanctions was imposed back in 2009 and yet this was built despite those sanctions. >> christiane, i want to move on to afghanistan now. president obama and nato leaders are setting the end of 2014 as the target to have all troops out of afghanistan and move the afghans into the lead role in fighting the taliban, but the president now says u.s. counterterror operations will go on until officials are confident al qaeda is no longer operating. so how realistic is this timetable for handing over security to the afghan forces?
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>> well, it is sort of an iraq-style handover combat operations to the afghan forces. i don't think anybody is saying that all troops will be out. in fact, that's going to be a good question. what will the u.s. presence look like in afghanistan beyond the end of 2014? there are many conflicting reports about how ready the afghan forces are. in fact, the general in command of training and handing over transition says that it will take at least till the end of 2014, and even by that time, how many areas can be handed over. as yet there are no areas in afghanistan despite the surge which have been handed over to afghan security lead. so general petraeus has been very clear in his overt comments and his other comments that they need more time. they fear that -- they feel that they've regained the initiative, but it's not irreversible, and they need longer than the 2011 deadline to start withdrawing and handing over security. >> all right. thanks so much, christiane. and you be sure to join christiane later on "this week"
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for much more on the war in afghanistan with her special guest the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen. and now for a check of the morning's other headlines here's ron claiborne. >> hey, john, good morning to you. pope benedict has signaled what could be a major change in catholic church policy on the use of contraceptives. in an interview the pope said it is okay to use condoms in some cases. more from abc's miguel marquez. >> reporter: the pope's comments on condom use may be narrow, but they could have huge implications for catholics around the world, particularly in aids ravaged africa. >> as someone who worked in africa for a few years, i know the catholic church's stance on condoms really does influence people's behavior. >> reporter: the pope says in rare cases condom use may be justified like an hiv positive prostitute using condoms to prevent the spread of the disease. the pope says the church still doesn't consider condom use moral, but it calls limited
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acceptance a first step in a movement toward a different way, a more human way of living. since 1968 the church has stuck to its total ban on condom use, much to the frustration of some catholic clergy and workers in africa where millions have died from aids. >> i think catholics around the world should take from the statement the idea that the pope is a nuanced thinker. >> reporter: the pope's comments are timed to the launch of a new book in which he is interviewed called "light of the world." "the new york times" got an advance copy and describes some of his critics as overzealous. the book is already drawing fire from some holocaust survivors over the pope's assertion that during world war ii pope pius saved more jews than anyone else. pius remains a controversial character because he kept the church publicly neutral during the war remaining silent during the worst days of nazi aggression. miguel marquez, abc news, london. and it's still too dangerous for rescuers to try to enter the mine in new zealand and reach
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the 29 missing miners. toxic gases continue to build up in the mine tunnel which could trigger another explosion. rescue teams cannot try to enter the mine until the danger subsides. they have been trapped there for two days. more than 300,000 in new orleans are being advised to boil their drinking water. it's only a precaution, but it follows a failure at the main water treatment plant much the advisory is in effect until at least this afternoon until the system is tested for bacteria. winter-like storms are belting the west coast. in california there were near whiteout conditions in the sierra nevadas. as much as three feet of snow fell there. now here's a check of the weather elsewhere. colder than normal temperatures will accompany all that snow we talked about in the west. only 7 degrees in billings, 38 in seattle. much of the west will see stormy weather today with snow, wind and rain. the east coast meanwhile is dry and that is a look at the forecast nationally.
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>> and take it away, bianna golodryga. >> i'll take it, ron. thanks. well, you no longer have to wait until the friday after thanksgiving to get the best holiday bargains. in fact, retailers are doing everything they can to get you to start your holiday shopping before black friday. so there are great deals to be had right now. we want to know exactly what we can find. joining us is retail analyst christine benz. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> what can we see? >> you can see a lot of deals and especially, you know, retailers want to train consumers to shop earlier and earlier, so black friday started two months ago so definitely look for electronics.
8:16 am
50-inch lcd screen tvs for about $600, a great deal. >> talk about online shopping. >> pay attention to online. you don't have to be in line to be online. there are a lot more discounts for consumers if they really pay attention online. sometimes you won't even see it in the store. you have to pay attention and do your online shopping first. >> ipads, the hot gift this year? >> there is no hot item this year in fashion but technology is the new fashion statement so really look at ipads too to fill that void. >> what about the black friday myths. can you talk to us about some of the things that do and don't happen on black friday and should you even go to the stores on friday? can you just go shopping now? >> black friday is really becoming more of a celebratory event kicking off the holiday season. it's kicking it off. i'm not saying it's not important but it's not as important as let's say the saturday before christmas, so a lot of those black friday door busters are not that many items in the store actually. >> and is it true that retailers do not match competitors on black friday with regards to pricing? >> it really depends. you have to negotiate. again, be savvy. don't just completely hit up a
8:17 am
manager and say, hey, can i have this for ten bucks but be selective and, yes, you can negotiate. it's a buyer's market out there. >> and we're hearing a lot of retail sales going up, increasing. what can we expect this holiday season? >> pick your spots. santa's coming but he's putting it on layaway so it's definitely about discounters. it's a bifurcated market. on the high end things will do well ike hermes, intense luxury brands and on the low end look for discounters. >> christine, thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> john? >> thanks, bianna. the confines of wrigley field, one of the treasure cathedrals of baseball, isn't so friendly for football. in fact, it's a tight fit for a gridiron, and that made for a memorable and strange one-way game there this weekend. our chris bury is in chicago. ♪ >> reporter: game day, at the famous ballpark so synonymous with the hapless cubs a big ten makeover. wrigley red to northwestern purple. for the first time in 40 years,
8:18 am
a revival of the days when the bears shared wrigley field. football was back. northwestern hosting illinois. the field was all set. ready to go for the heavily hyped showdown, then on friday, the big ten sacked the organizers with a big surprise. or was it a fumble? officials noticed this. only a foot separating the back of this end zone from the wall. the rules require six feet. the big ten worried about players hitting the wall suddenly ordered that both teams move on offense in only one direction, east to west. >> no, i'm not happy but i'm here. >> we paid $150 a ticket for these seats right here. >> reporter: it meant that fans here near the east end zone would never see any offense. you're not going to see much from here. >> no, we'll see the back end of all the players. >> but it's more like a pickup game than a football game. >> reporter: no sooner did illinois score than northwestern was marching in the same direction. things got confusing.
8:19 am
>> and he loses it. >> this is the only way you can score in the east end zone. >> reporter: then had to kick west. >> special teams came out. the extra point, and they went down to the east end zone. huh-uh, guys. go west. >> reporter: in the end illinois got in the right end zone more than northwestern. the fans mostly forgiving. >> you couldn't have found a better place. you really couldn't. it was historic. >> reporter: the big ten may have fumbled the wrigley ruling but it got the buzz it wanted from the old ballpark and plenty more. for "good morning america," chris bury, abc news, chicago. >> you know, the good news out of wrigley yesterday was that the cubs didn't lose. >> yeah. >> i mean really. everyone is happy, right? all right. >> that's an inside baseball joke. i guess. >> literally inside baseball. >> yes. coming up, the ever-present palins, book tour, reality show, "dancing with the stars," sarah and bristol will be everywhere
8:20 am
this week. is the possible presidential contender risking overexposure? and have a happier holiday. dr. phil is here with tips for coping with the season's stress and financial whiz suze orman helps out with money matters. one look and i can see what my brother's up to... what's happening on twitter... and even xbox live. and i'm done. so now i can put the phone away, spend more time with her. spend less time... alone. vo: less staring, more clubbing. new windows phone. get yours at at&t. with stelara® for adults. stelara® helps control moderate or severe plaque psoriasis with 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses. in a medical study, 7 out of 10 stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin at 12 weeks. and 6 out of 10 patients had their plaque psoriasis rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks.
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♪ well, it's all palins all the time this week. not quite, but we will be seeing a lot of the palin family. there's bristol palin on "dancing with the stars." her mother's book tour begins on wednesday, and, of course, there's her reality show. but will all of this exposure help or hurt sarah palin's political prospects? we'll take a look coming up. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm john berman in for dan harris this morning. it's sunday, november 21st. also ahead, the holiday season is here which mean, of course, stress. well, we've got some help, big help. dr. phil and suze orman are here to tell you how to make it through the holidays with your sanity and wallet intact. they've got a new show together that will be on oprah's network.
8:31 am
>> can't wait to see that. plus we -- or ron went in search of the best college hangout food in the country. this morning we'll reveal the winner of our best bites challenge, college edition. >> delicious. but we'll begin with the palins. a federal judge ordered the website gawker to take down excerpts of palin's book coming out this week. that is the latest palin news. if you feel like you're hearing a lot about sarah palin she is days, you are. and get used to it. it used to be you got happy days but this week it's palin days. tonight the second episode of "sarah palin's alaska" on the learning channel. >> pull, dang it. ♪ >> reporter: monday night bristol goes dancing. the final round of "dancing with the stars". tuesday the release of
8:32 am
sarah palin's new book "america by heart." and, of course, you can always see her on twitter now weighing in on the tsa pat-down controversy. she'd rather see profiling writing "we profile individuals/suspects in other situation, profile away." it is a constant palin palooza. some love it all, but others -- listen to what former first lady barbara bush told larry king in an interview airing monday on cnn. >> she's very happy in alaska, and i hope she'll stay there. >> reporter: so what's this all about? is she running for president? she told barbara walters -- >> i'm looking at the lay of the land now and trying to figure that out. >> reporter: the problem may be the risk with this whole media barrage, 67% of americans say she's not qualified to be president. >> if she is beginning with the assumption on the part of many voters that she's not up to the job, constantly being in their living rooms on programming that portrays her as a celebrity
8:33 am
probably makes that problem worse, not better. >> let's get the fish before the bear gets the fish. >> reporter: but presidential voting is not the most pressing election for the palins this week. that would be "dancing with the stars." >> bristol palin is back. ka-blam. >> reporter: bristol to the surprise of many made it to the finals despite lower scores from the judges than pop star brandy. it was the fan voting that put her over the top leading to some viewer outrage. e-mails calling it a tea party conspiracy, a disgrace and a joke. but a "dancing with the stars" official broke down the math to "entertainment weekly" and explained that bristol was close enough in the judge's scores that all bristol had to do was get more than 1 1/2% of the popular vote than brandy and then she's through. ♪ the physical >> reporter: she is through and one thing is clear, with all the dancing, shooting and flipping -- >> this is not flipping easy. >> reporter: like it or not, the
8:34 am
thanksgiving turkey this week is coming with a side of momma grizzly. >> roar. >> piper, don't. >> it's a big flipping week. >> it is. they couldn't have timed it any better with "dancing with the stars" final and the book. >> it's all happening but now it's all happening with ron claiborne. >> good morning again, john and bianna, good morning, everyone. in haiti violent street protests over the cholera epidemic have subsided but the spread of the disease has not and haiti is still reeling from the devastating earthquake almost a year ago but one celebrity activist is there, in fact, has been there for months trying to help. more from abc's matt gutman.
8:35 am
>> reporter: in haiti this is progress. >> the street we're walking on was double overhead in rubble. >> reporter: two stories of rubble. sean penn spent most of the year here turning down millions of dollars in movie deals. with cholera gripping haiti and thousands expected to die here his organization is now pushing rubble removal. 95% of the ruins paralyze everything. >> you have nearly 2 million displaced people, ad hoc camps unfull, unsanitary, horrible places to live so you try to manage those and make those as livable and as safe as possible while you're developing communities. >> reporter: without those communities disease and violence fester. but they are slow in coming. how many of these transitional shelters have you built? >> so far we have built 500 of them. >> reporter: 150,000 are needed. in the meantime, this squalor and the cholera surge. the u.n. tells abc news, hundreds of thousands of cases are expected. the morgue is full. the two-time oscar winner is infuriated that hundreds of millions in u.s. donations go unspent. >> you can't just give them the hammer and not the nails so we've got to do all things now. it's got to be aggressive and stop being so cautious. >> reporter: matt gutman, abc news, port-au-prince, haiti. and in other news we now
8:36 am
know the causes of death for two women and a child whose remains were found in garbage bags hidden in a tree. in ohio the knox county coroner says the victims, a mother, her 11-year-old son another female were stabbed multiple times. holiday travel this thanksgiving week could be slower than usual with enhanced security measures at airports and a planned protest on wednesday called national opt out day that could really create a real headache if enough travelers do refuse full body scans and demand full pat-downs. you can get a replica of kate middleton's engagement ring. qvc is selling -- bianna is interested in this -- a replica. it's called the princess simulated ring and it sells for 35 bucks. be the first on your block to get one. heavy snow from california to all the way to colorado along with cold temperatures, morning icing in the upper midwest and a sunny, warm day forecast for atlanta, houston and dallas.
8:37 am
that is a look at the national forecast. >> bianna and dan. >> dan? >> i've been called much worse. >> called david. >> thank you so much, larry. coming up, holiday survival. how to with dr. phil and suze orman. how to make it through the emotional a and financially unscathed. >> we reveal the big winner in our best bites college edition. stay tuned. [ female announcer ] you won't believe your eyes.
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if you go by the displays in the stores, the holidays have been here for weeks already. if you go by the calendar, they're just around the corner, and we all know that as happy and festive as they can be, they can also come with a fair amount of stress, both emotional and financial, so we've asked dr. phil and suze orman, our own all-star cast here, to come and
8:41 am
give us their best advice on how to get through the holidays without going broke or losing your minds. very lofty goals. any day of the week but especially the holidays. dr. phil, let's start with you. you say the first thing people should do going into the holidays is manage expectations. >> well, that's right. we kind of romanticize the holidays and remember them the way we wish they had been and think about them like a currier & ives christmas card with the frost on the window and all that. we forget that uncle harry got drunk and knocked over the christmas tree. there were too many kids running around. we spent too much money, the bills came in. look, you've got to manage your expectations and say, look, we're going to get together. i'm not expecting this to be the most wonderful time in the world but, you know, be reasonable about it. >> we all have that drunk uncle harry, i think. >> don't we, though? >> and, suze, you know, how do you go through the holidays without getting into debt? we all seem want to spend so much on so many people. >> you know, this holiday really is different than possibly holidays in the past. where in the past maybe you were
8:42 am
just in credit card debt and you didn't know anybody else was in debt, so you kind of kept it a secret. this economy, everybody is in debt. everybody is broke. everybody is afraid that they don't know what to do, so this holiday it's really easy to just simply say to people, listen, i don't have money, i'm not doing well right now. i don't have a job. let's all get together and talk about this. maybe we take things out of our closets that we haven't used before. we all put it in the middle and it's what's old for me is new for you. if you can just be honest with each other right now, you can find that you don't have to spend a lot of money at all. i'm going to ask you a question. what were you given last year for the holiday? do you remember anything that you were even given? >> my wife watches this show. you're killing me right now. >> but it's true but guess what if she put it on a credit card, not saying she did, but if she did and she's paying the minimum payment, it could take her 15, 30 years and you can't even remember what it was. >> i remember it was the best gift ever.
8:43 am
suze, we're going to move to dr. phil now that you've already gotten me in trouble here. besides over extending yourself overextend yourself schedulewise. >> don't overschedule and don't overdo. what i see all the time is the stress, it comes time for the holiday. we have guilt. we got to be with our family and got to do things, so you load up the kids, you spend 36 hours with them in the backseat of the car setting each other on fire, driving you crazy. there's noises and odors coming from back there that you don't want to spend 36 hours with. everybody is stressed. everybody is tired, then you get there. it's overcrowded. you know, my dad used to say, the holidays is when you get together with people that you don't know all that well, jam into a space that's way too small and make each other miserable for a week. >> and also another thing important for families, you know, declare a truce the holidays. >> yeah, this is not a time to be resolving conflict. you know, you've got problems with your sister or your brother or whoever, and you get together at christmas, and you decide, all right, we're going to have this out. no, we're not.
8:44 am
no, we're not. this is a truce. call a ketente. if it's important enough to talk about at christmas it'll still be important in the middle of february. it'll still be important next summer. don't use this time for conflict resolution. this isn't the time to get mad at your sister because what she did last summer. >> and my wife shouldn't be mad at me now that i can't remember what she got for me last christmas thanks to suze. >> listen, i thought that was a brutally honest question. i mean i can remember -- >> do i know how to ask any other type? >> and a pathetic answer, i know. dr. phil, suze, i guess i can say thanks for being here even though i have a world of hurt to go back to. they'll answer your questions on the o.w.n. network. starting january 2nd. you can submit your questions for them at oprah's website and we'll be right back. ♪ daisy, do-do a dollop our family-owned company makes daisy... with 100% natural farm-fresh cream. no artificial ingredients. no preservatives. and no added hormones. ♪ better with a dollop here
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♪ well, we asked you, america, for your favorite college hangouts, then i traveled the country trying to check them out. thousands of you -- tens of thousands voted online. now it's finally almost time to have the answer to the question that has been burning -- that you've been asking all morning. who is our best bites challenge college edition winner? we're about to tell you but first we have a look at the finalists. it all came down to this college culinary final four. in morgantown, west virginia, home of the university of west virginia, sandwich university, home of the fat sandwich.
8:49 am
i feasted on one of their best-sellers, the fat doboy. >> steak, american cheese, chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, mayo, ketchup, bacon, some love, french fries, good stuff. >> the crowds come early and stay late at this quintessential college hangout. >> okay, easy, easy. >> shakespeare's pizza in columbia, missouri, draws students from the university of missouri across the street. here they serve a medium crust pie that can be loaded with all of the trimmings and the scene -- >> we're throwing a pizza party. >> i tried the masterpiece. pizza with everything they have. it was fantastic. at ol stuga in can't, students are bethany college are likely to burst into song. the bethany alma mater at any moment. ♪ >> corny. this is kansas after all, but fun. mostly this is a bar but they also serve sandwiches including the brent nelson, polish
8:50 am
sausage, two cheeses and barbecue sauce. and rounding out our college quartet, camelllia's grill in new orleans where students from tulane eat. they eat massive chili omelets. marvin day says if you eat here, you are guaranteed you will graduate. and the winner is, bianna, the envelope. bianna. the envelope. the winner is shakespeare pizza's in columbia, missouri, and the manager there, kurt merching and some friends are joining us via skype. congratulations to you. >> woo-hoo. >> really good pizza. excellent pizza. what -- but it's more than just the food, you were tell moog he. it's the atmosphere here. what do you try for in the atmosphere of this college hangout of yours? >> it's just a big pizza party.
8:51 am
we just try to have fun, not take ourselves seriously and make pizzas and just smile at the customers whether you feel like it or not and it seems to work. >> and, kurt, the masterpiece, tell my comrades what exactly was on it. they'll be amazed. listen to this. >> it's the crust, sauce, cheese, onions, pepperoni, canadian bacon, mushrooms, black olives, italian sausage, ground beef and green pepper. >> wow. >> i think that's what i'm eating now. it's pretty good. >> it's excellent. >> kurt, let the record show that i favored your pizza yesterday over everyone else's, right? that's all i was eating but we also hear -- you really have embraced social networking. you have twitter and use all of that to reach out to college students ron was telling us about. that's very interesting too. >> oh, yeah, we had 22,000 people on our facebook page to start with. we had 27,000 people that responded to the invitation to come to the event to vote. we tweeted. we talked. we sent smoke signals. everything we could. and i guess it worked.
8:52 am
>> it was an impressive get out the vote, but you were also telling us and i was telling bianna about you tweet when there's few customers, lower the price of the pizza to get people to come in. brilliant use of twitter for marketing purposes there. >> oh, yeah, it works great. a rainy day. >> do you ever take the hat off? >> once a day. >> once a day. >> and the kurt has been there 30 years. he's only 30 years old. imagine that. >> all right. kurt, well, congratulations to you and everyone there. >> thanks. thanks for joining and thank you for joining us. we hope you will stay with abc news, please, throughout the day. we'll be back. be back. [ slap! ]
8:53 am
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that's it. >> bye. >> we're eating our pizza. thank you for joining us. thank you for filling in, coming in for some food this weekend. >> i come with parting gifts. i leave with parting gifts. stay with abc news throughout the day. thanks. ea.
8:57 am
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